Christine Seon

Biography of Christine Seon

I was born in Oct.21,2002. My life as a child just seemed easy. Until I was in 3rd Grade...

At first I thought I had an easy life I can follow. Thhen came the poems. My class had to make a bunch of poems for our class yearbook.We were separated into groups for one poem. My first poem had taken so much time to finish. Then, I found my true talent, I found my love for poems! ! ! So, from that day on, I wrote poems.But there could be more as I grow up Updates

The Wild Boar

The wild boar gave ou a whine
When he went to the store to buy a swine.

When he went to the store,
Instead of getting a swine, he ate an apple core.

After that, he got ill,
But he couldn't find a medical pill.

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