Christine Woodrich

Rookie (9/9/90 / Tucson, Arizona)

Biography of Christine Woodrich

My name is Christine. I'm 16 and I'm from Tucson, Arizona. When I'm not writing, I'm usually reading, listening to music (metal, bitches) , getting high, or babysitting my sisters or brother. I love the occult. I study various aspects of it including Tarot, Palmistry, Voodoo, Satanism, Witchcraft, etc. I do not consider myself Gothic (I'm metal) , but I absolutely love Gothic culture, and a lot of my poetry reflects that. Updates

Suicide Lullaby

This is you...
You're causing me to bleed.
And you have no apologies
For whom you inflict fear into.
Seeing what isn't here.
I'm begging you to leave.
Can't you see I'm on my knees?
I've tried and tried so many times.
But you're still here...

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