christo andrus

Rookie (2/13/49 / new york city, ny)

Biography of christo andrus

I am a father of 3, a builder, & a revolutionary; i enjoy tennis, volleyball, bocce and disc-golf. I have been writing verse for the last 48 years ;) . i have had the extraordinary good fortune, to have seen ginsberg, ferlinghetti, yevteshenko, voznesenski, and (recently) maya angelou LIVE! . i honestly believe that our best hope, and only defense (for our obscene immaturity and disgusting waste of our planet) is our ability to create ART (and, most-poignently, poetry which exposes our hearts and souls) i await the end of (this) world with a song in my heart, and a (rueful) smile on my lips

christo andrus's Works:

'Hieroglyphs from planet three'
'Felonious Romance' Updates



a cracked and yellowing copy of Casablanca
runs, sometimes, in a little theater
just behind my heart (around the corner
from the moment we met): Rick sits
embedded in quicksand, elbows holding
the table down, pouring endless whiskey in
to douse the smoldering pile of memories'

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