Christopher Cariad

Rookie - 473 Points (June 10,1989 - Present / Paducah, Ky USA)

Biography of Christopher Cariad

Christopher Cariad poet

I’m a poet, My muse is this crazy world. Watch me as I wither away, Watch me as I leave tiny little little speckles of light though out the green pastures, through out the brazen desserts, Inside the broken homes of the abused, On the book shelves of the great wealth, On the minds of man.

Christopher Cariad's Works:

The Bleeding Hearts Cry: A Collection of Poetry By Chris Cariad
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The Dawning Light: a collection of poems By Chris Cariad
ISBN-10: 1467954225
ISBN-13: 978-1467954228
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My dreams of a better tomorrow, push me to live.
People in pain, we see them everyday.
We stand there in wonder of what has happened
Why has this generation seen the same
As those from our past.
Why do we continuously toss these dreams
Of ending hunger and pain, wars and hate, homelessness and separation
Aside like they never really mattered,
Just to pursue our wants of popularity, fame, and riches.

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