Christopher Hope

Biography of Christopher Hope

Christopher Hope (born 26 February 1944) is a South African novelist and poet who is known for his controversial works dealing with racism and politics in South Africa.

Hope's poetry was first published in Whitewashes, a poetry book that was released in 1971. In 1974, his poetry was published as Cape Drives, a collection of original prose. Hope's first novel, A Separate Development, was published in 1981. The novel was banned in South Africa for its overt criticisms of the Apartheid government.

Hope's second novel,Kruger's Alp, was considered a stark contrast to his first work. Kruger's Alp was described by the New York Times Book Review as "a novel in the form of a dream allegory". Despite its departure from Hope's earlier writings, Kruger's Alp was greeted with critical acclaim.

Hope's other novels include The Hottentot Room, Darkest England, and My Mother's Lovers. Hope has also penned a memoir entitled White Boy Running, several plays, and two pieces of juvenile fiction.

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