Christopher P. P. White

Rookie [Christopher P. P. White] (23/12/1983 / Derby, England)

Biography of Christopher P. P. White

Christopher P. P. White is a poet that explores every facet of this mortal coil with a mind doused in cynicism and hope. He lives in Derby, England with his wife and two daughters, with dreams of writing for a living because he can't do anything else. He already has two poetry collections out there called 'The Bare Bones of a Melancholy Life' and 'Higher Powers and Moments of Weakness' on Amazon and is published on numerous websites. Feel free to tell him he sucks on Twitter at @CPPWhite or visit his site at

Christopher P. P. White's Works:

The Bare Bones of a Melancholy Life (Oct 2013)
Higher Powers and Moments of Weakness (March 2014) Updates

Per Minute

I wake up to an empty bed;
White crumpled sheets and her smell
That lingers like a thousand roses
On a summer's breeze.
It has been
Hours since she left and I still
Miss her beautiful body
Beside me.
The whisky bottle is glass and no more;

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