Christopher Pearse Cranch

(1815-1892 / the USA)

Christopher Pearse Cranch Poems

81. Night And The Soul 4/8/2015
82. To a Hummingbird 7/2/2015
83. The Centennial Year 9/24/2010
84. The Bobolinks 9/24/2010
85. Sonnet Xxxvii. To John Greenleaf Whittier. 9/24/2010
86. Sonnet Xxix. Life And Death. 1. 9/24/2010
87. Sonnet Xxxi. Life And Death. 3. 9/24/2010
88. Sonnet Lv. Music And Poetry. 1. 9/24/2010
89. Ormuzd And Ahriman. The Overture. 9/24/2010
90. Ormuzd And Ahriman. Part Ii 9/24/2010
91. Ariel And Caliban 9/24/2010
92. A Question 9/24/2010
93. The Two Dreams 9/24/2010
94. The Coal-Fire 9/24/2010
95. Bird Language 9/24/2010
96. Sonnet Xliii. London. 9/24/2010
97. At The Grave Of Keats 9/24/2010
98. Frederick Henry Hedge D. D. On His 80th Birthday, Dec. 12, 1885 9/24/2010
99. Ralph Waldo Emerson 9/24/2010
100. Sonnet Xxiii. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. 9/24/2010
101. Sonnet Xi. The Printing-Press. 9/24/2010
102. Sonnet Xxx. Life And Death. 2. 9/24/2010
103. A Word To Philosophers 9/24/2010
104. A Poet's Soliloquy 9/24/2010
105. Ormuzd And Ahriman. Part I 9/24/2010
106. Longfellow 9/24/2010
107. Love’s Voyage 9/24/2010
108. Gnosis 9/24/2010
Best Poem of Christopher Pearse Cranch


Thought is deeper than all speech,
Feeling deeper than all thought:
Souls to souls never can teach
What unto themselves was taught.

We are spirits clad in veils;
Man by man was never seen;
All our deep communing fails
To remove the shadowy screen.

Heart to heart was never known;
Mind with mind did never meet;
We are columns left alone
Of a temple once complete.

Like the stars that gem the sky,
Far apart though seeming near,
In our light we scattered lie;
All is thus but starlight here.

What is social company
But a babbling ...

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A Word To Philosophers

COLD philosophers, so apt
With your formulas exacting,
In your problems so enwrapt,
And your theories distracting;
Webs of metaphysic doubt
On your wheels forever spinning,
Turning Nature inside out
From its end to its beginning;
Drawing forth from matter raw

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