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I have suffered from clinical depression for the majority of the last four years of my life. I have cut and tried to commit suicide multiple times. I have also had to deal with bipolar disorder. But much of this has changed.

I am now a much happier person, and I am not nor have I ever been on any medication, and I try my best to love everyone and especially all my friends. The world seems beautiful to me again, and I will try my best to help out anyone who is sad or suicidal because I don't want anyone to feel lonely or die. I love writing and I love music, I play piano and write songs. I really like listening to punk rock and sceamo and classic rock. I am really just a big teddy bear though so if anyone ever wants to talk just message me and I hope I will be able to make you feel better. Updates

Life Like Safetypins

Realizing the things that scare you now,
Keep bringing up thoughts, hope to show you how
We're living amongst liars, cheaters, and fakes,
Hiding breath after painstaking breath that they take,
Away from you, just to shield all of their worst
Nightmares, so there's no way they can make you hurt.
Like an umbrella, keeping you dry from the rain,
They cover up things, unwilling to stain
Your little white dress, now tarnished with dirt,

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