Christopher's Dead

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Christopher's Dead Poems

1. What's Keeping You And Me 11/17/2009
2. She Left Out Of The Wrath Filled Meadow 11/29/2009
3. Sacrificial Hope 11/25/2009
4. Solitary Confinement 2/7/2010
5. Somewhere 1/10/2010
6. A Short Story About Killing Myself Pt.2 7/1/2010
7. Having To Bury Your Young 10/8/2010
8. Unborn Son 10/14/2010
9. *remind Me Later 2/1/2012
10. *this Little Addiction 2/1/2012
11. *if You'Re Listening 6/21/2012
12. *evaporation 6/21/2012
13. *we All Love Murder Mysteries 6/21/2012
14. *museum 5/7/2012
15. I Want To Be Normal 10/13/2010
16. Finalizing Initialization 4/3/2010
17. Humans (One At A Time) 6/26/2010
18. Christmas (Tragedy) Only Comes Once A Year 12/19/2009
19. Decisions Like This Come About Once In A Lifetime 11/29/2009
20. And For 12/7/2009
21. Today Will Never Come 11/17/2009
22. Do Not Take With Seconal 11/13/2009
23. Cardiovascular Puppets 11/19/2009
24. Forgot That I Fooled Myself 11/11/2009
25. My Turn 2/7/2010
26. Hung Out/In The Hands Of God 2/18/2010
27. Perception Beyond Seeing 1/23/2010
28. Float Like A Butterfly, Fight Like Muhammad Ali 2/27/2010
29. Life Like Safetypins 11/9/2009
30. Myself 11/12/2009
31. Small Hands On Thorns Never Reach The Cross 11/12/2009
32. Paint Our Blood 11/16/2009
33. Mental Examination 11/16/2009
34. Atrophic Nature Of Mine Shall Someday Change Course 12/19/2009
35. Ballad Of A Guardian Angel 3/21/2010
36. Where Trees Speak Words 5/30/2010
37. Butterflies 3/8/2011
38. *why Aren'T You Afraid? 2/1/2012
39. *this Fire Needs A Flame 2/1/2012
40. Looking At A Girl Looking In A Mirror Back At Me 5/4/2010

Comments about Christopher's Dead

  • Cassie Damon (9/17/2011 3:19:00 PM)

    i love your poems they seem to speak to me im in a really bad place atm and your words are helping me out alot thanx for putting your feelings into words

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  • Kate Peters (9/8/2011 2:23:00 PM)

    Nyc poems dude...! ! keep it up..! !

  • Iron Panda 23™ (3/29/2010 7:35:00 AM)

    friffin fantawesomificentastic! ! !
    (FANTastic+AWESOMe+magnIFICENT+fanTASTIC) xP

  • *_sakura ~daisy_* (1/11/2010 9:18:00 PM)

    Your poems have power...they speak in various voices that are write beautifully...graciously...sincerely...never stop writing: p

  • Tricia Dildine (1/3/2010 2:15:00 PM)

    Christopher, i can relate to you, but promise me, things do and will get better..i promise you that.

  • The devils Girl The devils Girl (11/30/2009 4:16:00 PM)

    your poems are great and you are a great person. u are going to go far in life.

  • Karina The Cat (11/28/2009 8:40:00 PM)

    Wow, that really touched me.
    YOur poem has inspired me

  • Karina The Cat (11/28/2009 8:28:00 PM)

    Aaww i like it :)
    Its a really good poem.

Best Poem of Christopher's Dead

*(I Remember) When Suicide Was Just A Joke

Do you know what I’d give
What I got, what I’d give to go back?
Do you know that I’d give
Up my life just as easy as anything?
And we pass and your voice
Like a death grip on my heart attack
It’s so superficial
Such a f**king w***e don’t care about anything

Hate is a word that describes what this
In a hall emptied up I’m a name on a list
Of a laundry bag filled with glass I punch with my fist
I remember
When suicide was just a joke

I believed what you said
You believed that I’d always be clean
A fresh slate of my ...

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An Ode To The Heartfelt

An ode to the heartfelt, the cheapest of tears
That plague down on a sunshine like militant cheers
Of the sorrowful ones holding sorrow so near,
Makes your other half sorrowful, broken, and sheared.

From the laugh to the cry, not a second removed,
From heartfelt to heartfelt, so focused intrude
On the mind, just a box duct taped, stapled, and glued
To the bloodied brain stained by the days I hurt you.

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