Christopher Schlosser

Rookie (11-23-1984 / Menomonie, Wi)

Biography of Christopher Schlosser

I am a very committed poet. I take special pride in what I write, and only write whats true to my heart.
Every evening I collect my thoughts and put them down on paper and covert them to pleasant poetry. I believe in that a poem should always have some sort of meaning or at least reflect some sort of aspect of one's life whether it be about your loved ones or as simple as being about your dreams or what you see in your day to day life. Thats what make a true poet great. creativity in your words is only a small part of writing a good poem. What comes from your heart and thoughts is what really makes a poem shine. I read a lot of poetry and the ones that most affect me are the ones I can relate to or inform me about ones experiences both good and bad. I'd have to say though my favorite poet is Robert Frost. He writes his poetry as if he were telling a story.

Look forward to hear some of your people's comments about the poems that I have wriiten and posted on this website.

Christopher Schlosser's Works:

None yet, but working on one about my father who past away. Updates

Dad I Still Love You!

You used to tell me you love me.
Straight from the heart; full of passion.
But now you turn and walk away.
Choosing the bottle; out of fashion.
But I still love you dad.

You used to take me places.
Sharing in such great times.
Now you say you’re too tired.

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