Christopher Talon

Rookie (December 29,1976 / Ontario, Canada)

Biography of Christopher Talon

I have been writing poetry since I was a little kid, mostly to get out thoughts. But now I would like to learn how to write proper Elizabethan English; it is so romantic.

I hope to be a published and wonderful poet one day. I need your help, if you are well versed in that style. I deleted some of my poems because of errors; I will bring them back once they are finished. Updates

Blizzard '77

The winter storm has reared its ugly head,
The clouds rolled in and turned the day to night,
Nineteen seventy-seven, saw twenty-nine dead,
January all dressed in satin white.

The people trapped in homes await their fate,
Their cars and homes buried deep in the snow,
The crews were sent before it was too late,
The final hour resounded by the crow.

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