Christopher Tye

Gold Star - 39,413 Points (Lincolnshire, England)

Christopher Tye Poems

1001. Un Libro Pesado 5/11/2017
1002. 一本沉重的書 5/11/2017
1003. Унах, ЗөГнөЛт Ном 5/11/2017
1004. 重い本 5/11/2017
1005. Хоргодох Газар Алга 5/12/2017
1006. Lloches Wedi Colli 5/12/2017
1007. Refugio Perdido 5/12/2017
1008. 避難所遺失 5/12/2017
1009. 逃げ場が無くなった 5/12/2017
1010. Бороо 7/5/2017
1011. Glaw 7/6/2017
1012. Lluvia 7/6/2017
1013. 雨 (6-7-2017) 7/6/2017
1014. Стандартууд 7/6/2017
1015. Y Safonau 7/6/2017
1016. Las Normas 7/6/2017
1017. 的標準 7/6/2017
1018. 、基準 7/6/2017
1019. Бид Үхсэн 7/6/2017
1020. Rydym Y Meirw 7/6/2017
1021. Nosotros Los Muertos 7/6/2017
1022. 我們死 7/6/2017
1023. 私たちは死者 7/6/2017
1024. Baradwys Goll 7/11/2017
1025. Цаг Нь Боллоо 7/11/2017
1026. Amser Ar Ben 7/11/2017
1027. 時間到了 7/11/2017
1028. Se Acabó El Tiempo 7/11/2017
1029. 時間切れです 7/11/2017
1030. Encilio 7/11/2017
1031. Retiro 7/11/2017
1032. 撤退 7/11/2017
1033. リトリート 7/11/2017
1034. The Moon (Tanka) 7/13/2017
1035. Silvery Paths (Tanka) 7/13/2017
1036. La Lune (Haiku) 7/13/2017
1037. The Birch Tree 7/13/2017
1038. Beams (Tanka) 7/13/2017
1039. The Church Mouse (Tanka) 7/13/2017
1040. I Think (Tanka) 7/13/2017

Comments about Christopher Tye

  • Annette Aitken Annette Aitken (10/12/2016 9:16:00 AM)

    Christopher is a prolific writer..he can write a piece on anything in life...some very humours, other educational, but which ever you want to read.. you will get joy out of anything he writes.....

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  • Www. (10/27/2012 10:10:00 AM)

    The small poems by Mr Christopher Tye are like the capsules with right medicinal properties to cure any disease. The poems have a great appeal as a common feature and none can miss to read them.
    Mr Christopher is a philosopher poet with good insight into life and makes a lot of difference over here.
    I hope he will at times go for longer writes as well to break the barrier of a long time sticking to the same type of writing.
    A poet with a mission can be involved in diverse thoughts too. I wish Mr Christopher all the best ahead.

Best Poem of Christopher Tye

Another Year Passes

Another year passes

The old man is sitting in his armchair,
Looking out of the window,
Watching the birds,
As they are flying from tree to tree,
He remembers all the winters,
He spent in his garden when he was young,
Planting those same trees,
When they were just little saplings,
He remembers all the years that,
Those trees have been growing and slowly maturing,
He knows long after he has celebrated his final birthday,
All the trees in his beloved garden,
Will still be growing,
And still be giving food and shelter to the birds, ...

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The Dying Exile

The dying exile

As the exiled man lays dying in a foreign land,
His thoughts turn to his beloved homeland,
As he draws his final few breaths,
He thinks about the village where he was born,
The little house where he spent his childhood,
The school he went to and all his long-lost friends from there,
The village's little sand stone church, with its steeple reaching out trying to touch heaven,

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