Christopher White

Rookie (23rd December 1983 / Nottingham, England)

Biography of Christopher White

I have been a songwriter for years but just for a band that never achieved any success. It was never about achieving anything other than recognition. Not in an arrogant way though. All I wanted was for my words to touch someones soul and make them feel something. Thats why I find poetry to be a great form of expression and emotion. There are no rules on stucture and choice of words. All that matters is what you have to say and thats why words are so powerful. I want my words to make a difference to somebody. Even if it is just one person, just one. Updates

Never Close Your Eyes

Hatred is a breath of air, never fresh,
Breathed by those who can never, endeavour
To see a life celebrated, or world rejoiced
As hell is all they see, change is all they fear.
Blades that drip red onto the floor,
At the feet of the suffering,
Who have suffered even more
At the hands of a closed book.
Rifles that fire for all of our sakes,

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