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Born to inspire and uplift. Always excited about the little things.....
I'm truly a singer/songwriter at heart. is my music page. I just released my first single entitled 'Joshua Rise'. I'm really excited about what God is doing in my life. I'm a saved, single mom who is blessed in the Lord and highly favored! You can purchase my single here:

Thank you Updates

Can You See This Woman?

I used to question my existence, my purpose, my being, my destiny, His plan:
“why am i here? ”
That I pondered as I waited and waited in the shadows
a bonafide woman, marked: 'CRYSTAL CLEAR'

Hello, I’m here! Do you see me? Can you hear me? Do you feel me?
Don’t you want to take the time and get to know
what makes me laugh? then cry? do I moan? do I sigh?
what causes my smile? what is it that makes me glow?

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