christy tanksley

Rookie (June 2,1989 / Alexandria, Louisiana)

Biography of christy tanksley

I was born in a huge city. My parents names are Bonnie and Ray Tanksley. They recenty got divorsed not to long ago. I am 16 years of age and will soon be 17 years old. I have had a pretty rough life, i've been in foster care for 2 years and last year my grandmother died. I was really close to her. She raised me since i was little. i began to write poetry in the 7th grade. I am in the 11th grade now. I am attending a magnent High School Called Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and im in for chorus. I started out as writing songs. Than o began to take my songs and write them as poetry and entered into a poetry contest. I won first place so that was good. I love to write poetry, It gives me a chance to get in touch with my emotions and allows me to express my self on paper that i cant do in person. I am allowed to show my true feelings im my poems, because everyone of my poems shows a true meaning behind it all.I love to write poetry and i hope you enjoy reading it.

christy tanksley's Works:

i have no books published yet. Updates


Things that are great
things that are neat,
are the things in life
that make our lives complete.

Those things we need
like hearts, smarts, and love,
and the most thing we need of all
is god from above.

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