Christy Westfall

Rookie (May 7,1998 / Pen Bay Medical Center)

Biography of Christy Westfall

Well lets see here,
I'm single. But Adrian Shorey has my heart. I'm in love with him!

Loading! *@*!) (#*) &#) ! {_@) _! () _? {}{{': { 100% Jesus Freak!
I love Jesus, so much! He is my savior and he died on the cross for everyone's sins whether you believe it or not. I only date guys that love Jesus, or except that i'm a Jesus Freak. I will be a virgin til marriage so don't bother asking for sex, or naked pictures.
I'm Christy a 14 year old girl born and raised on the coast of Maine for the first 11 1/2 years of my life. My father died in 2005 when I was 7. He was abusive. My mother got re-married 3 very short months later. I myself am a Jesus Freak. When I grow up I want to be an overseas Youth Pastor. I've been told i'm good with children, I love God, I want to spread the word about God to people that might not know, and I love to travel. God has made an amazing impact on my life. And, I wouldn't be who I am without his help, and the many people I have met on My Road to Salvation. I write stories, songs, and poems. I love photography, and people say i'm good at it. I play the Trumpet, but, I might give that up because I don't want to continue playing that. I love animals. I love to read, write, draw, randomly dance in wal-mart, take pictures, play pass, hang out with my friends and family, and listen to music. For most of my life I have been involved with music for my whole life, and nothing says i'm not going to continue being in love with music. Its just Gods calling for me to be a Youth Pastor. I've had a LONG LONG LONG hard life, and Jesus has been there through it all with me. Anything else? Just ask. I don't bite.

So... The name is Christy Westfall, and photography is my game. I'm obsessed with Music, Books, and obviously Photography! My favorite band is One Direction! I love to blog...check it out bro. I believe in equal rights. I support gay rights. If two people are truly in love. They should be together. I'm pansexual (gender shouldn't matter, its whats on the inside that should count) ! In my opinion I am EXTREMELY ugly! I've had my heart smashed so many times. It's VERY hard for me to love. Currently i'm looking for that someone (preferably a guy) to fix up my heart, and keep it fixed. I am very random.
Hobbies: Checking out guys, stalking people, randomly dancing in wal-mart, music, reading, playing my Trumpet, drumming, and chilling with people. Talents: Robot, Playing Trumpet, and making people laugh. Favorite Color: Black, and Blue. Favorite Song: I hate everything about you By: Three Days Grace. Favorite Genre of Music: COUNTRY! I may live in the city, but i'm a country girl at heart<3 Updates


Love is the rythym of two hearts beating,
pounding out a message steady and true.
Love is the feeling you get when you talk to that special person, or the feeling you get when you see, or hear them. Especially when you see them.
Love is the butterflies in your stomach.
Love is the sensation when you can't sleep without that person by your side.
Love is daydreaming about being in that special person's arms, or the little hugs from behind.
Love is the baby steps in to the real world.

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