Christy Westfall

Rookie (May 7,1998 / Pen Bay Medical Center)

Biography of Christy Westfall

Well lets see here,
I'm single. But Adrian Shorey has my heart. I'm in love with him!

Loading! *@*!) (#*) &#) ! {_@) _! () _? {}{{': { 100% Jesus Freak!
I love Jesus, so much! He is my savior and he died on the cross for everyone's sins whether you believe it or not. I only date guys that love Jesus, or except that i'm a Jesus Freak. I will be a virgin til marriage so don't bother asking for sex, or naked pictures.
I'm Christy a 14 year old girl born and raised on the coast of Maine for the first 11 1/2 years of my life. My father died in 2005 when I was 7. He was abusive. My mother got re-married 3 very short months later. I myself am a Jesus Freak. When I grow up I want to be an overseas Youth Pastor. I've been told i'm good with children, I love God, I want to spread the word about God to people that might not know, and I love to travel. God has made an amazing impact on my life. And, I wouldn't be who I am without his help, and the many people I have met on My Road to Salvation. I write stories, songs, and poems. I love photography, and people say i'm good at it. I play the Trumpet, but, I might give that up because I don't want to continue playing that. I love animals. I love to read, write, draw, randomly dance in wal-mart, take pictures, play pass, hang out with my friends and family, and listen to music. For most of my life I have been involved with music for my whole life, and nothing says i'm not going to continue being in love with music. Its just Gods calling for me to be a Youth Pastor. I've had a LONG LONG LONG hard life, and Jesus has been there through it all with me. Anything else? Just ask. I don't bite.

So... The name is Christy Westfall, and photography is my game. I'm obsessed with Music, Books, and obviously Photography! My favorite band is One Direction! I love to blog...check it out bro. I believe in equal rights. I support gay rights. If two people are truly in love. They should be together. I'm pansexual (gender shouldn't matter, its whats on the inside that should count) ! In my opinion I am EXTREMELY ugly! I've had my heart smashed so many times. It's VERY hard for me to love. Currently i'm looking for that someone (preferably a guy) to fix up my heart, and keep it fixed. I am very random.
Hobbies: Checking out guys, stalking people, randomly dancing in wal-mart, music, reading, playing my Trumpet, drumming, and chilling with people. Talents: Robot, Playing Trumpet, and making people laugh. Favorite Color: Black, and Blue. Favorite Song: I hate everything about you By: Three Days Grace. Favorite Genre of Music: COUNTRY! I may live in the city, but i'm a country girl at heart<3 Updates


When I look at you...
I see a cute little walk
That changes my thought
And makes me head-over-heals
in love with you.

When I see you...
I run out of words to say
'Cause you take my breath away

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