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Rookie (october 26th 1981 / grayling)

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i was born and raised in grayling michigan. I have 1 sister and a dad in which i love so much. my mother died 2 years ago january 15th. took a major toll on me. my family consits of myself and my 2 boys. I suffer from bipolar disorder for over ten years, when I have my down days i write poetry. i hope u enjoy my poetry cause it all comes from my heart. my life has its ups and downs but my kids are my life. i like to sing and play guitar also. Updates

What To Do

I am not right,
all I seem to do is fight.
I see this bald man,
I feel as if I can not stand.

Trembling in my body does not want to stop,
my heart feels like it is going to pop.
All of these voices are screaming,
or is it that I am only dreaming?

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