Chrysostomos Tsiailis

Rookie (March 6th 1985 / Larnaka Cyprus)

Biography of Chrysostomos Tsiailis

Chrysostomos was born to a loving and caring family at a rural area on the Greek island of Cyprus. He values friendship and pleasant energy. He studied English Language and literature at the University of Nicosia. He is an English teacher, amateur astrologer, and an entertainer. As a fervent believer of astrology, Chrysostomos has dedicated his life in researching and helping people around him with his knowledge on the matter. Updates

Well, Well, Well

Light, don’t you ever interfere
In this dream of mine
The little kitten feels fear
Because the sun tomorrow will shine
All five of them are two hours old
“This is a white one and this is orange
Elmira check this cute little one, it’s bald
Mommy I think it’s ugly and strange.
Well, throw me once again in there

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