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Chuck Toll Poems

1. Coyotes In The City: Los Angeles 9/14/2007
2. Touchstone 9/22/2007
3. Shipwreck 9/29/2007
4. Coyotes In The Wild 9/29/2007
5. Coyotes In The City: The Capitol 9/30/2007
6. Portrait Gallery: Fauve Pas 10/2/2007
7. Portrait Gallery: Pase Picasso 10/2/2007
8. Portrait Gallery: Disingenuous 10/6/2007
9. The Barrier Islands 10/7/2007
10. Size Small 10/7/2007
11. Taxonomy Of Winners And Losers 10/9/2007
12. Coyote Moon 10/10/2007
13. Friend Pushing The Envelope 10/10/2007
14. Coyotes And Wildlife Services 10/12/2007
15. Coyotes And Wildlife Services 2 10/12/2007
16. Riddle 10/13/2007
17. Fable 10/13/2007
18. Sleeping Through The Hurricane 7/29/2007
19. Coyote And Frog (Native American) 10/19/2007
20. Coyote Meets Smallpox (Native American) 10/20/2007
21. Coyote And The Cattle (Native American) 10/21/2007
22. Coyotes In The City: Key West 10/21/2007
23. Coyotes And The Future 10/21/2007
24. Coyote Visits A Fort (Native American) 10/23/2007
25. Coyote Ugly 11/2/2007
26. Coyote Ugly 2 11/3/2007
27. The Toxic Poster Child 11/6/2007
28. Why 11/11/2007
29. Seal 11/16/2007
30. Portrait Gallery: Madam X 11/18/2007
31. Thanksgiving Thanks 11/24/2007
32. Prose Poem: First Date 11/26/2007
33. Fibbing: Boe 11/30/2007
34. Fibbing: Observation 11/30/2007
35. Fibbing: Best Friend 11/30/2007
36. Fibbing: The Birthday Call 11/30/2007
37. Fibbing: The Way Of The World 11/30/2007
38. The Art In Art: Advice On Life 12/1/2007
39. Fibbing: Near Weaver’s Needle 12/1/2007
40. Fibbing: Truce 12/1/2007

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Best Poem of Chuck Toll

Coyote Catechism

We neither pity other creatures nor feel sorry
for ourselves. Life does what it must, so do we.
We accept what there is: snakes, bugs, mice,
Squirrels, hares, trash and cats—all are nice.

We build our dens well hidden and secure,
Each made with double exits to be sure.
We honor females’ right to choose their mate;
We pair for life and share a common fate.

We keep our tails down, but our eyes are up.
We teach a wise discretion to each pup.
Imperatives of Life we honor and fulfill.
If we must chew off a paw in a trap, we will.

We will ...

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Bedtime Story

Our young son wheezes softly in his sleep
In the middle of our bed, arms embracing
Stuffed animals, favorite blanket in hand.
For years, our bed has been his bed as well.

He knows his formal bedroom is elsewhere,
And he will go there if my wife and I insist.
But absent guests or relatives, we rarely do.
He always smiles on climbing in with us.

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