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Chuck Toll Poems

41. Fibbing: Truce 12/1/2007
42. The Art In Art: Herron's Question 12/3/2007
43. The War: Civics Lesson On Succession 12/3/2007
44. Fibbing: Defining Success 12/3/2007
45. Ph: Two Haiku For You 12/7/2007
46. Fibbing: Lost 12/28/2007
47. Bedside Photograph 8/16/2008
48. Seen First From Seaward 7/29/2007
49. Spell Checking 7/29/2007
50. Jimmy’s Song 7/30/2007
51. Coyote Crossing 10/14/2007
52. Coy-Wolves And Coy-Dogs 10/15/2007
53. The Teacher's Prayer (Best Sung) 10/15/2007
54. At The Helm 4/5/2008
55. Coyotes Cross The Border 10/16/2007
56. Boe The Cat 11/28/2007
57. Ph: Wishing Ph Staff And Members A Merry Christmas 12/25/2007
58. On The Rocks 5/25/2011
59. Ars Poetica 5/26/2011
60. Nadó Por Aqui 4/7/2018
61. Evil Child 4/27/2011
62. The Massacre Of The Innocents 10/15/2007
63. Welcome Back To School 11/11/2007
64. Prose Poem: The Feng Shui Of Squirrels 7/30/2007
65. Haiku Of The Canyons 9/10/2007
66. The Geezer’s Lament 7/31/2007
67. Bedtime Story 7/29/2007
68. Native Son 7/29/2007
69. Portrait Gallery: Creative License 10/4/2007
70. Defining Moment 4/5/2008
71. Appalachian Trail 1/18/2008
72. Coyotes In The City: New York 10/14/2007
73. Ph: Hello, Poemhunter Staff, Anyone Home? ? ? 10/21/2007
74. Porches 7/29/2007
75. Coyote Catechism 10/20/2007

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Best Poem of Chuck Toll

Coyote Catechism

We neither pity other creatures nor feel sorry
for ourselves. Life does what it must, so do we.
We accept what there is: snakes, bugs, mice,
Squirrels, hares, trash and cats—all are nice.

We build our dens well hidden and secure,
Each made with double exits to be sure.
We honor females’ right to choose their mate;
We pair for life and share a common fate.

We keep our tails down, but our eyes are up.
We teach a wise discretion to each pup.
Imperatives of Life we honor and fulfill.
If we must chew off a paw in a trap, we will.

We will ...

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Bedtime Story

Our young son wheezes softly in his sleep
In the middle of our bed, arms embracing
Stuffed animals, favorite blanket in hand.
For years, our bed has been his bed as well.

He knows his formal bedroom is elsewhere,
And he will go there if my wife and I insist.
But absent guests or relatives, we rarely do.
He always smiles on climbing in with us.

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