Ciera Vaughn

Rookie (June 27 1993 / kingsport, Tennessee)

Biography of Ciera Vaughn

I live in Kingsport Tennessee. My favorite color is red. I love drawing and creating poems. I also love being myself and being around my friends. If someone came up to me and started being ignorent, I probably would look up to them and say 'Well all that matters is that I know for a fact that I appreciate me for who I am.' Im glad we're different because if the world was full of just one person the world would be pretty boring. Shel Silverstein is my model and I look up to him because he is always expressing his feelings and he always appreciates his self for who he actuelly is. If he ever reads this I just want him to know how special he really is to me.

Ciera Vaughn's Works:

None REALLY.(yet anyway) Updates

Hello There

Hello there,
Come have some fun.
We can do all the things you can do.
You can do all the things we can do too.
Hello there how are you?

Hello there,
Join us in our discovery.
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