Cindy Christmas

Freshman - 864 Points (February 27,1985 / Barbados)

Biography of Cindy Christmas

Cindy Samantha Christmas (born February 1985) is a Barbadian Author, Animator & Poet. Cindy is mostly known for her poetry. Cindy's last name Christmas was originated from Dominica. Cindy's mother Carol Christmas named her after her favorite singer Cyndi Lauper. Cindy was raised by her Dominican grandmother Marianne Christmas, but around January 1998, Cindy moved to the United States with her mother, who lived in Maryland. Cindy began to write at age thirteen as a way of expressing her feelings, because she was very shy.

At eighteen years old, Cindy decided to write a poem as a joke and send it to an online company, but to her surprise the company liked her poem and wanted her permission to publish her poem into their book. That inspired Cindy to publish her first book Adult Poems (2003) . The poems which based on personal experiences brought her international recognition. Cindy has written over sixteen books, four children's books, three novels, and nine poetry books. Cindy's books center on topics such as, racism, religion, relationships and sex. Updates

What Is Beauty?    


If My Face Was Deform, Would You Say, That I Was Ugly?

If I Was A Little Over Weight, Could You Still See My Beauty?

Does Beauty Have Anything To Do With My Complexion?

Can Beauty Get Me A Job, With Out Having The Qualification?

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