Cindy Wyatt

Cindy Wyatt Poems

41. Forgiveness 2/20/2016
42. I Love Church 4/13/2016
43. I Believe God 4/20/2016
44. Where Will You Spend Eternity 4/29/2016
45. The Battle Is The Lord's 5/11/2016
46. When We Get To Heaven 5/17/2016
47. Jesus Is The Bread Of Life 5/23/2016
48. Little Is Much 5/25/2016
49. Victory 6/7/2016
50. Seasons In Life 6/14/2016
51. The Clock Is Ticking 6/30/2016
52. Only Jesus Can 7/6/2016
53. Perfect Peace 7/14/2016
54. Walking By Faith 8/14/2016
55. He Is Able 8/16/2016
56. To Go Forward Back Up 9/2/2016
57. Backbiting Is Cruel 9/8/2016
58. Prayers And Supplications 10/25/2016
59. Jesus Likens Salvation 11/11/2016
60. Labor For Things Of Eternal Worth 12/7/2016
61. The Quiet Place 1/29/2017
62. Crying To God 11/29/2016
63. Work For Jesus 11/29/2016
64. Finish The Work 3/23/2017
65. A Stranger And A Pilgrim 5/4/2017
66. Cast Out 5/9/2017
67. My Friend Is Jesus 6/2/2017
68. Entering Heaven 6/13/2017
69. Die To Live 7/22/2017
70. Get Up One More Time 8/3/2013
71. All Things Work For Good 9/2/2013
72. Going To Church 8/10/2014
73. Counting The Cost 9/30/2014
74. All Things Are Possible 1/24/2014
75. Furnace Of Affliction 7/27/2013
76. Believing On Christ 8/22/2013
77. I Love Jesus 11/29/2012
78. Everything Was Changed 10/29/2012
79. How Long Is Eternity 6/13/2009
80. Is Your Name Written Down 5/28/2009
Best Poem of Cindy Wyatt

God Is Merciful

Our God is so gracious, merciful and lovingly kind
In his Word He gives us sweet peace of mind
He remembers our frame and that we are dust
Though He is so perfect and holy and just

He removes our transgressions as far as the east is from the west
and with Christ's righteousness we then are dressed
When he looks at our heart He does not see sins we have done
But instead sees the blood of His only begotten son

Where would we be without God's merciful grace
Our lives would certainly be in a hopeless case
God says he will remember our sins no more
He ...

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Jesus Paid My Debt

Jesus paid a debt I owed
I debt I could not pay
It was only by his merciful grace
that for me there was a way

I was born a sinner
inherited from Adam and Eve
The only way to have my debt paid was
to believe on Jesus and him receive

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