Cindy Wyatt

Cindy Wyatt Poems

81. Jesus Loves You 5/18/2009
82. Seek And To Save 6/20/2009
83. Only Two Roads 7/13/2010
84. The Great Divide 7/13/2010
85. Glorious Riches 11/7/2012
86. When You Believe 5/20/2011
87. Jesus Did All The Saving 6/11/2011
88. Are You Going To Heaven 5/27/2012
89. Do You Have Jesus 10/29/2012
90. Something Wonderful 9/8/2010
91. God Loves The Unlovable 8/3/2013
92. A Broken And Contrite Heart 6/21/2013
93. Salvation Is Believing 12/4/2010
94. Be Strong In The Lord 9/7/2013
95. Getting Ready For A Trip 5/26/2014
96. No Regrets Or Remorse 2/23/2013
97. Going To Heaven 7/5/2010
98. Gift Of Eternal Life 2/3/2011
99. Salvation Is Receiving 10/5/2010
100. Heaven Bound 11/18/2012
101. Jesus Is The Way 5/12/2009
102. Only The Blood 9/13/2010
103. 'Ye Must Be Born Again' 10/5/2010
104. Religious But Lost 2/15/2013
105. Going To Church 8/10/2014
106. Dead Religion 9/2/2010
107. Only Jesus 6/22/2009
108. The Rich Man And Lazarus 10/7/2009
109. Adam And Eve 11/9/2010
110. Beautiful Feet 3/20/2013
111. Directions To Heaven 5/30/2009
112. Being Saved 3/28/2013
113. God Is Love 6/6/2013
114. Noah And The Ark 5/15/2009
115. Savior On The Cross 5/29/2009
116. Jesus Paid My Debt 5/28/2009
117. Heartbeat 5/31/2009
118. God Is Merciful 3/13/2013
Best Poem of Cindy Wyatt

God Is Merciful

Our God is so gracious, merciful and lovingly kind
In his Word He gives us sweet peace of mind
He remembers our frame and that we are dust
Though He is so perfect and holy and just

He removes our transgressions as far as the east is from the west
and with Christ's righteousness we then are dressed
When he looks at our heart He does not see sins we have done
But instead sees the blood of His only begotten son

Where would we be without God's merciful grace
Our lives would certainly be in a hopeless case
God says he will remember our sins no more
He ...

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Jesus Loves You

The Savior is waiting to enter your heart
Once he comes in he will never depart
He has life giving water to quench your thirst
And with his love you'll be immersed

He came to give you life more abundant and free
And that is why he went to the cross of Calvary
His shed blood was the perfect sacrifice
He has power to forgive sins because he paid the price

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