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1. My Wife Will Be Waiting 3/30/2013
2. It Rained On My Tie. 3/30/2013
3. They Call Me Mbasa. 3/30/2013
4. Where Must I Stand To Be Heard? 4/3/2013
5. When Should I Marry? 4/12/2013
6. The Visitor 4/23/2013
7. Because Of You. 4/27/2013
8. My Paradise 4/27/2013
9. Eat 5/10/2013
10. Vipi, Nikupende? 6/5/2013
11. Tumbuizo Langu 6/5/2013
12. What Should I Give Out? 7/1/2013
13. Am Travelling 7/9/2013
14. My Fear Is 7/17/2013
15. 2099 7/22/2013
16. Just Today 7/22/2013
17. This Is Me 7/22/2013
18. Today 7/22/2013
19. Hello! Hello! 8/1/2013
20. (song Of A Madman) My Time Mad. 8/1/2013
21. My Letter Of Application 4/6/2013
22. Binti Mtu 11/8/2013
23. Mahaba Au? 11/8/2013
24. You’re Me 12/14/2013
25. Crying Salesman 2/18/2014
26. Never Make A Promise When You’re Happy. 3/9/2014
27. Still My Love 4/13/2015
28. Olá Olá 4/14/2015
29. Better To Keep Silent. 4/14/2015
30. Melhor Calar 4/14/2015
31. I Love Life 4/14/2015
32. My Lullaby 8/3/2013
33. Girl 8/5/2013
34. My Stand 8/9/2013
35. A Bushman’s Song 8/10/2013
36. Angel Please Don’t Go Too Far 9/18/2013
37. The Lizard Song 4/12/2013
38. My Secret 8/3/2013
39. Na Safiri. 6/5/2013
40. I Look Forward To Seeing You. 8/1/2013

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I Look Forward To Seeing You.

I left by the time you never expected,
Coz it happened by the time I didn’t expect it too,
I just went with all my desires of coming back.

I’ll be back if all means to,
I’ll sip it all till I empty the bottle,
Sorry is your food store when I come,

Secure a room for me when winter comes,
For this winter I’ll be with you so buy:

2 pr. Silk long underwear for it breathes well and dries quickly,
3 pr. Heavy wool socks,
2 pr. Wool pants not blue jeans,
Only one heavy wool sweater for me,
And a water proof hat!

For my ...

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They Call Me Mbasa.

Sometimes I wonder why I was called by that name. Mbasa is my name.
I compare the past with the present situations. Mbasa is my name.
When am disturbed I need not to talk. Mbasa is my name.
I watch my empty CD's to get relief. Mbasa is my name.
I sometimes read the news paper upside down. Mbasa is my name.
You may sense insanity but all isn’t, because they call me Mbasa.

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