Clairabella Shoens

Rookie [Passionate Poet] (November 22,1999 / Vassar, MI USA)

Clairabella Shoens Poems

1. Perfect 2/14/2013
2. Remember 2/15/2013
3. Frost Bite 2/15/2013
4. Bird Song 2/15/2013
5. Dew Drops 2/15/2013
6. Catch Me 2/16/2013
7. Delicate Life 2/16/2013
8. Dear Love, 2/16/2013
9. Dear Hate, 2/16/2013
10. The Sleeping Oak 2/17/2013
11. Days 2/17/2013
12. Firefly 2/17/2013
13. Apple Blossom 3/18/2013
14. Inner Princess 3/25/2013
15. Snowflakes 3/28/2013
16. Scar 3/28/2013
17. A Mountain With A Face 3/28/2013
18. Angel Wings 3/28/2013
19. My Sun 3/28/2013
20. Jungle 7/7/2013
21. Inch Worm 2/17/2013
22. Hurdles 2/15/2013

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Life is a labrynth of hurdles
Many people doubt you from the start
They don't believe you are strong
For only the strong can survive.
You must prove that you are strong,
Show them what you are made of
Don't let anyone say that you can't do something.
When they say that,
You will not proceed.
When someone tells you that you can't,
Just remember,
It's just another hurdle that you have to figure out how to get over.

Clairabella Shoens

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Remember a time when all was calm
So many have tried to crush the memories
People deny it when they realize the truth,
No one loves you as much as I do.
The past holds the secrets that I never told
The hugs I never gave
The words I with held
The feelings I ignored.
No matter what seperates us

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