Claire Abbott

Claire Abbott Poems

81. Christmas Is Coming... 10/30/2009
82. I Have Not Forgotten You 10/6/2009
83. It Wasn'T Me 9/5/2009
84. Living In Yesterday 7/15/2009
85. Ha Ha Ha 7/15/2009
86. Pain 7/15/2009
87. In The Corner 7/13/2009
88. Bring Me Back 6/11/2009
89. Crazy Awful Place 6/11/2009
90. Words 6/22/2009
91. Heart Pounding 7/2/2009
92. Contemplating 6/22/2009
93. Treachery 7/24/2009
94. Snoring 9/4/2009
95. Wizard Man 11/14/2009
96. You Are Confusing Me! 10/8/2009
97. Walk In My Shoes 7/6/2009
98. I Love You 7/8/2009
99. Hey! 7/2/2009
100. Butterflies In My Stomach 7/9/2009
101. Anger And Fury 7/26/2009
102. Come To Me 7/15/2009
103. Let Me Sleep 10/30/2009
104. Great Britain? 10/30/2009
105. To Love 6/22/2009
106. Grief 10/6/2009
107. Abuser 6/11/2009
108. Don'T Facebook Me! 7/13/2009
Best Poem of Claire Abbott

Don'T Facebook Me!

Don't facebook me and tell me you are sorry,
your emails and texts tell a different story.

Don't poke me and expect me to poke you back,
Don't try and be my friend again, you haven't got the nack!

You ruined it by cheating and lying to my face,
Now you are living in this anonymous facebook place.

Easier to talk to me, but saying lies again,
Stop messing with my life, you're driving me insane.

So stay off this facebook thing, leave me well alone,
and when you're loney and fed up, remember its a doing of your own!

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Dreaming of you,
Brings me closer to where you are,
I still miss you,
The day you left broke my heart,
The tears still pour,
When I look at your photo,
I can't believe your gone,
You was so young.
Only three years of age,

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