Claire Ann Pajo Sansolis

Claire Ann Pajo Sansolis Poems

1. Life's Not About You 5/11/2007
2. My 21st Poem For You 5/26/2007
3. Don'T Forget (22nd) 5/26/2007
4. Realizations, Need To Rest 6/17/2007
5. Don'T Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve 6/17/2007
6. Im Having The Time Of My Life 7/17/2007
7. Listen My Friend 7/17/2007
8. Anticipating The Great Reveal 7/17/2007
9. My Heart Is Beating So Fast 4/16/2007
10. If Eyes Can Speak 4/22/2007
11. Sleeping Giant 4/22/2007
12. I Don'T Think I Can Hide It 4/27/2007
13. What I Love About You 4/27/2007
14. How Will I Know? 8/11/2007
15. Go Claim Your Rightful Place 4/27/2008
16. My Son Has Taught Me How Much God Loves Me 2/16/2009
17. I Cannot 4/15/2007
18. I Maybe The Pen 4/15/2007
19. The Portrait In Your Heart 5/3/2007
20. One Month From Now 5/6/2007
21. A New Season Unfolds 5/6/2007
22. Ice 5/10/2007
23. My Idea 5/10/2007
24. Life's Every Season 5/13/2007
25. He Should Make Me Laugh 6/13/2007
26. I Don'T Fear 7/9/2007
27. A Different Kind Of Rain 7/17/2007
28. Your Eyes 9/21/2007
29. Happy Birthday Honey 1/9/2013
30. What I Love? 9/7/2007
31. It's Meant 9/21/2007
32. The Wound, The Cure 9/21/2007
33. You Will Find Your Way To Me 4/15/2007
34. Do Not Be Afraid 4/27/2007
35. 'How You Can Love Me Better' 9/7/2007
36. If This Is True Then Love Always Conquers All 11/14/2007
37. Thank You For Coming Into My Life This Way 7/26/2007
38. It Must Be For Inspiration 4/15/2007

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It Must Be For Inspiration

It must be for inspiration that you created the heavens,
the earth, the sky, the sea

I look at the stars and I am contented that there is peace,
a calmness right into my soul

It must be for inspiration that you created man,
his heart, his soul, his spirit

I look at how he goes about his life and there is wonder,
how you have made us so wise

It must be for inspiration that you have brought people together,
they court, they join their lives, they grow old

I look at how they have fulfilled their dreams in the eyes of their kids,
it brings...

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Life's Not About You

Life is not all about you my friend
I thank God I found out before it’s too late
My purpose in life is bigger than you
You can’t stop what God intends to do

A season has passed between me and you
You failed to recognize who am I to you?
All wasted time you stayed untrue
Your feelings are there and you have no clue

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