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I am a 38 year old woman and had my fair share of ups and downs in life but then i guess we have all been there at some point in our lives.I am now verging on the near side of the big 40 and looking forward to what life has to offer me.

Im happy to say my life is moving forward for a long time i did not know who i was now after taking time out and taking a look at myself i like the person i am. My favourite saying is ' I am Who I am ' people should take people for who they are not what they can do. I think i am a well respected person and have helped out people where i can i do this because i care.
all my poetry is from the heart and has helped me thro some personal problems too i hope that the people who venture on to this site enjoy what i have wrote and have an understanding of what has been wrote. A little bit of an updat i am now 11 days off being 41 and i thought my life had begun at the age of 40 only it didnt but it is now i have a great future ahead of me i am attending college doing maths at the moment and hopefully in september of this year i will be attending an access to nursing course which will then take me on to university. never thought in a million years i would go back to schooling but it is the way forward in my life.. I am also pleased to say i have happiness in my personal life i met and fell in love with a great man and maybe later on this year we will be tying the knot if not then definately next year cant wait to for this day to happen. My life was empty before i met him now i would like to say he has given me a new outlook on life and within in my self thankyou harry i love you more than words can say.

claire delap's Works:

no published books as of yet but i guess if i find any interest and write some more poetry and it is what people are wanting to read then you never know Updates

We Found Each Other

We found each other
In a time that was right
We both brought happiness
Back into darkened lives
The sun shines bright
In these hearts of our
A love that is strong
For we have the power
Weve banished the darkness
and the sunlight appears
our hearts are together
for never to leave

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