Claire Hastie

Rookie (25th January,1973 / Glasgow, Scotland)

Biography of Claire Hastie

I am an unpublished poet/writer. Hopefully one day I will change my past time hobby, to a successful career in published writing. I started writing poems for members of my family when I was only six years old. The other day my mum found poems that I had written to my gran and granda from when I was young. It was nice to know they had kept them all those years before they passed away. They always believed I would grow up to be an author, and being Scottish and born on the same day as the famous scottish poet, Robert Burns - I knew I had a great starting point!

By the time I was eight years old, I began to write short stories. My favourite genre was ghosts and all scary stuff! Today, much has not changed and I continue to write full length novels in paranormal thrillers. I am currently finishing a novel on a crime paranormal thriller, and hope to find an agent or publisher to fulfill my dreams.

Claire Hastie's Works:

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Woke up this morning with a new sense
Dreams before had been so tense
I had witnessed the re-birth of my lost soul
It had wandered around with nowhere to go.

Colours splayed around my eyes
traveling along in paradise
I heal myself to care for others
Like little children without their mothers.

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