Claire Hastie

Rookie (25th January,1973 / Glasgow, Scotland)

Biography of Claire Hastie

I am an unpublished poet/writer. Hopefully one day I will change my past time hobby, to a successful career in published writing. I started writing poems for members of my family when I was only six years old. The other day my mum found poems that I had written to my gran and granda from when I was young. It was nice to know they had kept them all those years before they passed away. They always believed I would grow up to be an author, and being Scottish and born on the same day as the famous scottish poet, Robert Burns - I knew I had a great starting point!

By the time I was eight years old, I began to write short stories. My favourite genre was ghosts and all scary stuff! Today, much has not changed and I continue to write full length novels in paranormal thrillers. I am currently finishing a novel on a crime paranormal thriller, and hope to find an agent or publisher to fulfill my dreams.

Claire Hastie's Works:

None as of yet Updates

He Walks Alone

The sun burns his skin as he walks alone
Crosses the road to his empty home
The years of age scarred on his face
The family he had... left in disgrace.

Dirt and stones thrown his way
He knows God won't help him today
Mothers and fathers hurl abuse
What he has committed is no excuse.

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