Claire Yan Yershena Biography

I am a 14 year old girl. Claire Yan Yershena is not my real name it is just a pen name. I do really hate my real name to be written and just to be judge by someone. There's a time where in a site I wrote my real name I was so ashamed of it because they wrote those funny things. To be safe, I never write my real name again. I do mostly write Love Poems cause it relates me a lot.I love reading books, magazine, articles, tabloids, stories, poems, poets and comics. I am here because one person inspired me to. I am her biggest fan. She don't know me but I know her so much.I do read a lot I could read 3 books a day, if I wish. I hate everything about school. I want to go at Home School but my mom won't allow me to. It sicks me. But I did graduated as a class valedictorian after those hard works. Hard works are paid by great rewards. That's all about me...Thanks for reading even it's kinda bit of boring hahahaha...But that's all real and it's me.

Claire Yan Yershena Popular Poems
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