Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

[C. J. Dennis] (7 September 1876 - 22 June 1938 / Auburn, South Australia)

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis Poems

161. The Satin Bower-Bird 8/31/2012
162. Vale 8/31/2012
163. Politics For Tots: Lesson 2~ &Quot;The Party&Quot; 8/31/2012
164. 'John T' 8/31/2012
165. It's No Joke To One Bloke 8/31/2012
166. 'Ksmith' 8/31/2012
167. 'Jim' 8/31/2012
168. The Golden Age 8/31/2012
169. 'Jack' 8/31/2012
170. 'Jim Of Maribyrnong' 8/31/2012
171. The Way Out 8/31/2012
172. 'Musterin' 8/31/2012
173. 'The Lone Wolf Of Canberra' 8/31/2012
174. 'Ned' 8/31/2012
175. The Lips Of Ages 8/31/2012
176. Hope 8/31/2012
177. The Mercenary View 8/31/2012
178. Kilmore 8/31/2012
179. The Expert And The Apricot 8/31/2012
180. The Drama 8/31/2012
181. January 2nd 8/31/2012
182. The Genesis Of Gloom [australian Variety] 8/31/2012
183. The Kid Around The Corner 8/31/2012
184. Melba 8/31/2012
185. The Lean, Brown Man 8/31/2012
186. The Incubus 8/31/2012
187. One Dull Man 8/31/2012
188. The Barber's Story 8/31/2012
189. Mother's Day 8/31/2012
190. Monday Morning 8/31/2012
191. 'Me, A Sinner' 8/31/2012
192. The Old Shanty 8/31/2012
193. Modern Hygiene 8/31/2012
194. The Alcoholic Albatross 8/31/2012
195. Inevitable 8/31/2012
196. The Lack 8/31/2012
197. Sling It! 8/31/2012
198. The Alternative - 1927 8/31/2012
199. Jove's Opportunity 8/31/2012
200. Lay Of Last Monkey 8/31/2012

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  • Amelia Bright (4/1/2008 3:49:00 AM)

    the reson i have looked this poem up is we are lerning it at bribie island state school it is a good poem for kids my techer learnt it 50 years ago.

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Best Poem of Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

The Ant Explorer

Once a little sugar ant made up his mind to roam-
To fare away far away, far away from home.
He had eaten all his breakfast, and he had his ma's consent
To see what he should chance to see and here's the way he went
Up and down a fern frond, round and round a stone,
Down a gloomy gully where he loathed to be alone,
Up a mighty mountain range, seven inches high,
Through the fearful forest grass that nearly hid the sky,
Out along a bracken bridge, bending in the moss,
Till he reached a dreadful desert that was feet and feet across.
'Twas a dry, deserted desert, and ...

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The Long Road Home

When I go back from Billy's place I always have to roam
The mazy road, the crazy road that leads the long way home.
Ma always says, "Why don't you come through Mr Donkin's land?
The footbridge track will bring you back." Ma doesn't understand.
I cannot go that way, you know, because of Donkin's dog;
So I set forth and travel north,, and cross the fallen log.

Last week, when I was coming by, that log had lizards in it;
And you can't say I stop to play if I just search a minute.

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