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Simply, not much to say other than what’s here: I am a god-fearing person. I was born and raised at Lemon Hall, in St Catherine Jamaica, W1. I have lived for many years in the UK. Now I am living here in Canada. I am a retired man and I am enjoying every day of it. I have worked hard in the past, but the good Lord has kept me through it all. Plus, He also helped me to raise a family. Then for all His goodness to me, I find it right to fear Him. And so, I write religious books, stories, poems, and articles. Yes! Whatever I set out to do, you’ll notice that godliness is within it, in order to encourage others to follow the Lord.

My books are written to point people to God. My poems are more like some sorts sermons too. Really, I write with a hope that I might help people to try and seek the Lord and to make better of their lives. I believe in God and so I have to believe in all of His promises. Then me, learning more about how He promises to supply us with all our needs; as long as, we will live and obey Him; it gives me the urge to say to others, verbally, or in writing; take up a godly lifestyle, and live in hope of His many blessings.

Furthermore, it’s my opinion that God will take care of all who will fear Him. Bearing down upon His words, with Him there is mercy and grace. That’s partly why, I am so hopeful that writing in this way, it may help people to live their lives more peaceful and comfortable. They just have to consider this: God’s will for all is, that all should enjoy a fair life at present; and then, in the end, a hope of eternal-life. If you get my books you can read more; they are at or at on line book stores everywhere…. For whatever I write a fair comment will always be accepted.

Clarence Prince's Works:

My 5 Books are:
Rushing To Get You Reading: Families, Friends, And All Others!
Make It Today....
There is Hope! Keep The Faith! !
Fair Enough! They Laughed! !
My God And Me
All these books are available at on line book stores, in paperbacks e-books and hardbacks.

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Real 'Love' Is: Love!

This is how I perceive it
Love is lke a spirit
No one can kill it
We can't see it
Though we can feel it
Then when we feel it
We should share it

Not tear it, but care it

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