Clarence Prince

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Clarence Prince Quotes

  • ''Closeness to God will bring out the blessings of God for one's own good.''
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  • ''One that fears God has all to gain and nothing to lose, hence fearing God is the key to a successful life.''
  • ''To have received superior benefits from God: one has to be a believer in God; for if one doesn't believe in the Lord, such a one is a deceiver unto one's own self.''
  • ''A human's life, a life is only a life whilst it's being alive, but a life without God, it can seem to be alive and yet it's dead, but with God, one lives forever.''
    A human's life!
  • '''To go somewhere speed you may need, but He who knows the way is the one to go after. Go after Jesus, He is the Light, the Life and the Way.'''
    Who to follow!
  • ''Keep the faith, if God was one for a cup of tea or coffee, today, I would give it unto Him; but tea or coffee is for a person, all God needs is my faithfulness!''
  • '''The Bible declared that faith is something hoping for, but its not yet seen; in that case, blessed is the hopeless person, who even in his states hopelessness kept the faith in God, hoping for satisfaction to his lowly soul one day.'''
  • '''The way is strait and with burden that brings on weight; but God is good, and he/she that seeks Him faithfully the same shall obtain, His grace, mercy and eternai life.'''
    Faith in God!
  • '''The true God, is a living God, He is my God, who can counsel Him, there's no man good enough, hence He works alone and like it or not, what He does is right'''
    For unbelievers!
  • '''One easy way to help sustain life is by spreading God's word; for only in the word of God, there is guide for man's life now and hereafter! '''

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Best Poem of Clarence Prince

Life, It's Precious!

There is nothing quite like life
In cheerful time it is life
In sorrowful time it is life
When the weather's bright it is life
When the weather's gloomy it is life
Life hasn't any given time
This life is not forever
Live it well it's precious

There is nothing quite like life
Everyone should live it right
No one should consider it light
No one should live it slight
It travels fast day and night
Life hasn't any given time
This life is not forever
Live it well it's precious

There is nothing quite like life
With a wife it is life
With a...

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In This Life

In this life, we need insight to follow the light
In this life, we must do just what is right
In this life, for many survival is a fight
In this life, for some comfort is out of sight
In this life, not all will find it pretty and bright
In this life, belief will bring us relief

Then live faithful with your hope
Just believe in the words of God

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