Clarence Williams

Rookie - 10 Points (May 19,1980 / Washington, D.C)

Clarence Williams Poems

81. What If 5/21/2013
82. Your Pass Hurts 5/24/2013
83. I Rank Last 5/28/2013
84. His Heart 11/19/2013
85. Creamed 11/19/2013
86. My Kids Dance All Over His Face 11/21/2013
87. Golf Being Played 11/21/2013
88. Him 11/26/2013
89. Tailor Made 11/26/2013
90. Love Found Me 11/27/2013
91. Kenyatta 12/5/2013
92. It's A Knew Day 12/31/2013
93. Lovable Heart 1/9/2014
94. I Can Smell You 1/22/2014
95. Taylor's Store 2/7/2014
96. Taylor's Dropped The Bottle 2/8/2014
97. Spring Has Come 3/12/2014
98. Where Would I Be 2/27/2014
99. Oz 3/16/2014
100. Fathers Addiction 3/18/2014
101. It's Over 3/25/2014
102. His Heart Woke Every Part Of Me Up 3/28/2014
103. He Loves Me 4/4/2014
104. Anger 9/30/2012
105. I Don'T Come In Parts 9/30/2012
106. What We Had Is What We Had 9/30/2012
107. Stronger 9/30/2012
108. The Lord Is My Shepard 9/30/2012
109. Love Is Work 2/14/2013
110. And She 11/16/2013
111. Habit 9/30/2012
112. You Dont Love Like You Say, You Do 5/29/2013
113. Take Me As I Am 10/17/2012
114. It's Not Over 10/15/2012
115. Skin To Skin 11/15/2013
116. I'M Still Standing 2/5/2013
117. A Black Phenomenal Man 10/1/2012
118. 365 Days Of Love 1/7/2014
119. It's Worth It 10/24/2012
120. The Phone Song 2/22/2013

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In Love With Someone Else Man

It's thee craziest thought that comes to mind, when I take the time to think about that glass of wine when I'm alone...with him. And he's sneaking behind and lying to you,  while he's making love to me to. He's married And! I really can't believe he was hiding that secret from me, that ring, with words saying I do! I thought it was a dream that I could not wake up from.  But I didn't give a flying ****because  when he's next to me the ring I didn't  really care to see, when he and I are between one another sheets. He's married! ! ! ! ! ! Wow  I just can't let that go, well i guess ill go with ...

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The Lord Is My Shepard

The lord is my Shepard

The lord is my Shepard I shall not want, now when things in my life started to fall and claps that was put together it was cut with crakes  and I, tried to stand up with my head up high but in the mist it was a mess and the only thing I can do is Sigh now if it's one thing I was hit with another, I was walking thur, being dedicated to trying to hold on allowing god to see me thur to a path that the natural eye couldn't see. Because some folks thought it was a sat up t

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