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Hi, I am Clarise, I am always questioning and seeking answers! I am always open to new things and new ways to broaden my horizons... I like to express and sometimes it's poetry, sometimes music...I get off on travel and forgetting the shite that comes with this city...not going to bore or waste time, if you read them then thats cool, might mean nothing to you but who knows?
Ha ha - please comment if you feel enough to do so.
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Ever had that moment where you see something,
a look between two people that you weren't supposed to see,
or rather, a look that shouldn't really have passed between those two people in the first place but did,
and then you are left in this bizare situation,
First, I imagined it! Yes that's right, it's just me, it was nothing,
Ha ha, fine if you can rest with that but you know it was more!
Second, this tremble inside, like fear but not quite fear, as you question it over and over...

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