Clarissa Dee

Rookie (5-28 / Glendale, AZ)

Biography of Clarissa Dee

Well, I am a student. I mostly write things when I get a sudden inspiration or if I have a random idea. (Most of the time it's a random thing.) A lot of the time I get inspired by music (of which is my life) or something I read or hear. I write in different styles, sometimes freestyle, sometimes rhyming, usually mixing techniques; I also write in different moods, sometimes depressing, sometimes happy, sometimes life, sometimes death. It always depends on what's happening in my life. If you really want to know about me... Too bad. :)

Clarissa Dee's Works:

None so far, but I'm writing stories and working on a lot of poems right now. I'm hoping to publish a poem book in a couple years or so. (Once I write enough poems to fit in a book!) Updates

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