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521. The Summer Moon 5/6/2014
522. The Suns And The Void 5/6/2014
523. The Tartarus Of The Suns 5/6/2014
524. The Tears Of Lilith 5/6/2014
525. The Temptation 5/6/2014
526. The Thralls Of Circe Climb Parnassus 5/6/2014
527. The Throne Of Winter 5/6/2014
528. The Titans In Tartarus 5/6/2014
529. The Twilight Of The Gods 5/14/2014
530. The Twilight Woods 5/14/2014
531. The Unfinished Quest 5/14/2014
532. The Unknown 4/14/2014
533. The Unmerciful Mistress 5/14/2014
534. The Unremembered 5/14/2014
535. The Voice In The Pines 5/14/2014
536. The Voice Of Silence 5/14/2014
537. The Waning Moon 5/14/2014
538. The Wind And The Moon 5/17/2014
539. The Winds 5/17/2014
540. The Wind-Threnody 5/17/2014
541. The Wingless Archangels 5/17/2014
542. The Witch In The Graveyard 5/17/2014
543. The Witch With Eyes Of Amber 5/17/2014
544. The World 5/17/2014
545. The Years Restored 5/26/2014
546. Thebaid 5/6/2014
547. Tin Can On The Mountain-Top 5/6/2014
548. Tired Gardener 5/6/2014
549. To A Mariposa Lily 5/6/2014
550. To Antares 5/6/2014
551. To Beauty 5/6/2014
552. To George Sterling (Deep) 5/6/2014
553. To George Sterling (High) 5/6/2014
554. To George Sterling (His) 5/6/2014
555. To George Sterling (What) 5/6/2014
556. To George Sterling: A Valediction 5/6/2014
557. To Howard Phillips Lovecraft 5/6/2014
558. To Howard Phillips Lovecraft 5/6/2014
559. To Nora May French (I) 5/6/2014
560. To Nora May French (Ii) 5/6/2014

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The Hashish Eater -Or- The Apocalypse Of Evil

Bow down: I am the emperor of dreams;
I crown me with the million-colored sun
Of secret worlds incredible, and take
Their trailing skies for vestment when I soar,
Throned on the mounting zenith, and illume
The spaceward-flown horizons infinite.
Like rampant monsters roaring for their glut,
The fiery-crested oceans rise and rise,
By jealous moons maleficently urged
To follow me for ever; mountains horned
With peaks of sharpest adamant, and mawed
With sulphur-lit volcanoes lava-langued,
Usurp the skies with thunder, but in vain;
And continents of ...

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Let us leave the hateful town
With its stale, forgotten lies;
Far beneath renewing skies,
Where the piny slope goes down,
All with April love and laughter—
None to leer and none to frown—
We shall pass and follow after
Shattered lace of waters spun
On a steep and stony loom

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