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601. Cleopatra 1/28/2014
602. Future Meeting 4/10/2014
603. Autumn Orchards 1/21/2014
604. Perseus And Medusa 4/25/2014
605. Wizard's Love 5/17/2014
606. Future Pastoral 4/10/2014
607. The Hashish Eater -Or- The Apocalypse Of Evil 4/10/2014
608. Saturn 4/29/2014
609. To The Sun 5/6/2014
610. Averoigne 1/21/2014

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In Averoigne the enchantress weaves
Weird spells that call a changeling sun,
Or hale the moon of Hecate
Down to the ivy-hooded towers.
At evening, from her nightshade bowers,
The bidden vipers creep, to be
The envoys of her malison;
And philtres drained from tomb-fat leaves
Drip through her silver sieves.

In Averoigne swart phantoms flown
From pestilent moat and stagnant lake
Glide through the garish festival
In torch-lit cities far from time.
Whether for death or birth, the chime
Of changeless bells equivocal
Clangs forth, while carven satyrs ...

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The Abyss Triumphant

The force of suns had waned beyond recall.
Chaos was re-established over all,
Where lifeless atoms through forgetful deeps
Fled unrelated, cold, immusical.

Above the tumult heaven alone endured;
Long since the bursting walls of hell had poured
Demon and damned to peace erstwhile denied,
Within the Abyss God's might had not immured.

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