Claude Davis III

Rookie (10/12/1989)

Claude Davis III Poems

1. Forgive A Sin 7/21/2006
2. Colors 7/23/2006
3. Three Strikes, I'M Out 7/27/2006
4. What I'M Thinking About 7/19/2006
5. The Sun And The Night Sky 7/19/2006
6. The Mom Poem 8/2/2006
7. I Have Left 8/2/2006
8. Our Brake Up Day: My Day Off 8/10/2006
9. The Night We Were Close 10/4/2006
10. The Dictionary Doesn'T Obtain A Strong Enough Word...... 10/18/2006
11. Your Affect On My Body 10/28/2006
12. With A Gentle Stroke Of My Fingertips 10/29/2006
13. Knowing You Love Me 1/31/2007
14. I Just Dream 2/10/2007
15. Tomorrow's Sun 2/11/2007
16. Waiting 2/11/2007
17. Marry Me 2/13/2007
18. Sleeping Beauty 3/11/2007
19. Hips To Hips, Lips To Lips 3/12/2007
20. Advice For Your Future 8/6/2006
21. The Orange Light 11/25/2006
22. Simple Stroke Of Your Hair 11/25/2006
23. Perfection 1/3/2007
24. A Day I Can'T Wait For 3/25/2007
25. Hardship Instead Of Happiness 3/25/2007
26. I Need You 3/27/2007
27. Someone 3/31/2007
28. I'Ll Be There 4/3/2007
29. I'Ll Never Leave 4/4/2007
30. Making Sure 4/8/2007
31. We'Re At The Point Where... 7/1/2007
32. Found The Right Someone 7/1/2007
33. Let's Take A Walk 7/1/2007
34. Spending All My Time With You 7/1/2007
35. Internal Flame 7/1/2007
36. You Don'T Need To Say 'I Love You' 7/1/2007
37. Sleep/One Third 7/1/2007
38. I Can'T Live Without You 7/1/2007
39. Want, Dream, & Need 8/30/2007
40. The Hug 11/30/2007
Best Poem of Claude Davis III

A Girl Like You

How did I get a girl like you?
A girl that's smart, pretty, and true.
A girl that I can hold tight.
A girl that is ''just right''.

A girl that can make my sun rise,
And my sun set.
A girl that is nice and wise.
A girl that I will never forget.

A girl that I can hold for hours.
A girl that I can love forever.
A girl that doesn't need any flowers.
A girl that is very smart and clever.

A girl that goes by the name 'insert'.
A girl that I love so much.
A girl that I will always keep in my soul.
A girl that can make my day with just a ...

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Is the color your face turned
when I kissed your forehead.

Is both our favorite color,
and you know its true.

Is the color shirt you had on,
when we watched the sunset.


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