Claudia Butler

Rookie [AaevalCassandra Sullis] (09-27-1982 / Houston, Texas)

Biography of Claudia Butler

I am a metalhead at the core. Music and poetry are my passions. I love playing the Great Highland bagpipes. I also love learning new topics such as alchemy, medieval history, metaphysics, genocide/Holocaust among others. I graduated cum laude from the University of New Mexico. I spend my days writing, with music, researching, reading, spending time with my family. Ultimately, my path includes becoming the lead singer of a metal band, receiving my MA in Acupuncture and herbology, publishing my poetry, and everyday helping my fellow man in any way possible. Updates

The Fifth Chakra

Feel the power of my truth,
In triumphant return
Silent all these years.
And is my truth,
Your truth?
Recognize the difference.
For many voices
Arranged in harmony
Is what we are all about.

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