Claudia Emerson

(13 January 1957 / Chatham, Virginia)

Claudia Emerson Poems

1. The Polio Vaccine, Chatham, Virginia, 1964 3/21/2012
2. The Spanish Lover 3/21/2012
3. The Mannequin Above Main Street Motors. 3/21/2012
4. Beginning Sculpture: The Subtractive Method 3/21/2012
5. The Physical Plant As Prologue 3/21/2012
6. Surface Hunting 3/21/2012
7. Photographer 3/21/2012
8. Frame: An Epistle 3/21/2012
9. Stable 3/21/2012
10. Posessions 3/21/2012
11. Orchid Anatomy 3/21/2012
12. Ephemeris 3/21/2012
13. Pitching Horseshoes 3/21/2012
14. Funny Valentine 3/21/2012
15. After The Affair 3/21/2012
16. The Bat 3/21/2012
17. Breaking Up The House 3/21/2012
18. Second Bearing 1919 3/21/2012
19. Piano Fire 3/21/2012
20. Artifact 3/21/2012
21. Animal Funerals, 1964 3/21/2012
22. Homecoming 3/21/2012
23. Fire Drill 3/21/2012
24. Spring Ice Storm 3/21/2012
25. Buying The Painted Turtle 3/21/2012
26. Aftermath 3/21/2012
27. Bone 1/20/2003

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Best Poem of Claudia Emerson


It was first dark when the plow turned it up.
Unsown, it came fleshless, mud-ruddled, nothing
but itself, the tendon's bored eye threading
a ponderous needle. And yet the pocked fist
of one end dared what was undone
in the strewing, defied the mouth of the hound
that dropped it.
The whippoorwill began
again its dusk-borne mourning. I had never
seen what urgent wing disembodied
the voice, would fail to recognize its broken
shell or shadow or its feathers strewn
before me. As if afraid of forgetting,
it repeated itself, mindlessly certain.

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The camera is trained on the door, no one
in the frame, only the dog sleeping. And then
finally, I see this was to surprise you,
filming your arrival, the dog's delight. Only now,
six years distant, can this seem scripted, meant:
the long, blank minutes she waited, absent
but there — behind the lens — as though she directs
me to notice the motion of her chest
in the rise and fall of the frame, and hear

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