Cleetus Hump

Rookie (3 full moons before the great flood of '76 / In a ditch)

Biography of Cleetus Hump

Cleetus Hump poet

One night my maa and my paa thought it'd be a goood idea if they's did some hankering and some pankering and sooo a few months lataa I was borned, Cleetus J Hump. My paa who was also my uncle soon shot my maa cos she dint like how he playd gameses with the piggiees. I ain't a thinking dat there's aany problemms with that there but ah it was onnly my great auntee/maa, i got another dozen of eem so yeeah.

Cleetus Hump's Works:

Piggies that squeeaal Updates


Oh Crickmore...give me more
Yes yes quicker oh great Cricker
Yes Cricker let's go quicker
More and more and more and more
The Lord Cricker and his
Old friend Davey with his liquer

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