Cleetus Hump

Rookie (3 full moons before the great flood of '76 / In a ditch)

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Cleetus Hump poet

One night my maa and my paa thought it'd be a goood idea if they's did some hankering and some pankering and sooo a few months lataa I was borned, Cleetus J Hump. My paa who was also my uncle soon shot my maa cos she dint like how he playd gameses with the piggiees. I ain't a thinking dat there's aany problemms with that there but ah it was onnly my great auntee/maa, i got another dozen of eem so yeeah.

Cleetus Hump's Works:

Piggies that squeeaal Updates


Lady folk, lady folk
One day I woke
and I din't like em
cos they weren't no more fun
other men and animals
they're my real pals

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