Clemence Dane

Biography of Clemence Dane

Clemence Dane was the pseudonym of Winifred Ashton (21 February 1888 – 28 March 1965), an English novelist and playwright.

Clemence Dane's Works:

Regiment of Women (1917)
First the Blade: A Comedy of Growth (1918)
Legend (1919)
A Bill of Divorcement (1921)
William Shakespeare: An Invention (1921)
Naboth’s Vineyard: A Piece in Three Acts (1925)
The Women’s Side (1926)
The Babyons (1927)
The Dearly Beloved of Benjamin Cobb (1927)
Mariners (1927)
Adam’s Opera: The Text of a Play (1928)
Enter Sir John (1928) (with Helen Simpson)
Third Person Singular (1928)
The King Waits (1929)
Author Unknown (1930) (with Helen Simpson)
Broome Stages (1931)
Theater Royale (1931)
Re-enter Sir John (1932) (with Helen Simpson)
Julia Newberry's Diary (1933)
Come of Age: The Text of a Play in Music and Words (1934) (with Richard Addinsell)
Moonlight is Silver: A Play in three acts (1934)
Wild December: A Play in Three Acts (1934)
Edmond Rostand's L'aiglon (1934)
The Amateur Gentleman: From the Novel By Jeffery Farnol (1936)
The Moon Is Feminine (1938)
Hebbel's Herod and Mariamne (1938)
The Arrogant History of White Ben (1939)
He Brings Great News (1946)
Bonny Prince Charlie (1948) (with Dorothy Middleton)
The Flower Girls (1954)
Eighty in the Shade (1959)
The Godson: A Fantasy (1964)
Claude Houghton Appreciations (with Hugh Walpole) Updates

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