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Copy & paste the stuff [on your bio or profile on whateva] tht describes u too... & if you paste all of it then we have alot in common! 8D
*If u believe in &/or can sense or talk to spirits
*If there is a side to u you've never shown anyone
*If u lay ur pillow to the side & Cry into it like its some1's chest & pretend that some1 is holding u close to them while u cry urself to sleep
*If one of your new-year resolutions isn't to lose wait but just to lose the itty-bitty mini muffintop no seems to notice but you lol 8D
*If you HATE giving affection to ur family [except 4 maybe ur grandma] but the thought of affection towards some1 else is fine
*If you would runaway but u feel as if a sibling of yours would be blamed and/or feel to sad
*if you love books And if you LUV anime/manga
*if u r learning another language
*If u Love the dark, death, night, the moon, the cold, winter/fall, Dancing singing jumping &/or playing in the rain
*If one of or ur only fear is falling in love
*If u believe in mythical creatures
*If u believe in reincarnation
*If u wish u had an older brother
*If u wish you had someone to cry to in the middle of the night after the sound of your tears and crying yourself to sleep doesn't work
*If you ever broke out in tears for no reason then laughed while you're crying at how pathetic you think you are
*If even your best friend/s/ haven't seen you cry in years
*If you dont care about being popular but you're awesome anyway
*If you love to sing and dance
*if you love art [writing drawing]
*If you do your hair in anime styles
*if you scream KAWAII! Everytime you see something cute
*If one of your favorite words is 'tsumetai' And iif it actually decribes you
*If your favorite colors are blue, black, red and silver.
*If you have a dog that you let on the couch when your parents aren't around
*If you are a witch
*If all the signs point to that you are a vampire iwi ^i^

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