Clint Magnum

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Clint Magnum poet

There is no God.
True Evil is Religion.
Psychics are frauds.
Astrology and Horoscopes are all false and unfounded.
Psuedosciences are unproven because there is no proof.
They are human inventions and human tricks to deceive the masses for cash, stature and egotism.
Everything Ends.
You may be a lucky evolutionary fluke but don't ever let that put you off, live your one life with love and passion to all who reciprocate. Updates

L. X

Why do I keep putting myself,
In these situations.
Constantly giving coded invitations.
Your gonna end up,
Staring out of windows again.
Pushing and pushing that envelope,
So you can earnestly claim,
To be so erudite when it comes to pain,
Happiness isn't enough for you.

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