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War Iraq War

Iraq the dogs of war are howling at you for money
You need to ask Russia and China to come rescue you for money
Reality is shame when a senator wants to murder you for money
Iraq say Saddam killed 2 million - USA 186,000 over a period of peace
A tenth of the money

War is a weird way of organized destruction for money
All for peace or destruction for money
Reality is sad this way of destruction for money

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Oddity Inheritance

needed to believe your life provides your offsprings something to live on
heritage is wild to keep the past within the present for the future
eternity moral guidance that we need to train people honourable
reality without ethics inheritance is wasted
involving people's wealth of ideology, wealth and lineage.
Time to relive the past by providing against the future an inheritance
all nature is needed to ensure life inheritance
nature is all life is inheritance

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