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161. Oddity Alternative 9/16/2018
162. Oddity The Fairies 9/16/2018
163. Oddity Happy Birthday 9/17/2018
164. Oddity Happy Unbirthday To You 9/17/2018
165. Oddity Weather End 9/17/2018
166. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Katey Sagal 9/17/2018
167. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Maureen Mcgovern 9/17/2018
168. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Phil Martelli 9/17/2018
169. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Rand Paul 9/17/2018
170. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Sabaton 9/17/2018
171. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Sinplus 9/17/2018
172. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Victoria Valentine 9/17/2018
173. War Shameful War In Syria.. 9/18/2018
174. Oddity Holidays Happy Thanksgiving And Belated Times A Past 9/18/2018
175. Oddity Failure Once Again 9/18/2018
176. Oddity Cowboy 9/18/2018
177. Oddity Holiday Salem Halloween Night 9/18/2018
178. Oddity Bible 9/18/2018
179. Oddity Thinking About Time 9/18/2018
180. Oddity Cowgirls 9/18/2018
181. Oddity Holiday Valentine Day 9/18/2018
182. Oddity Holiday April Fools And Saint Patricks 9/18/2018
183. Oddity Fantasy 9/18/2018
184. Oddity Holiday Valintine´s Day Love Or Hate 9/18/2018
185. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Tony Blair 9/18/2018
186. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name The Common Linnets 9/18/2018
187. Oddity Nature Creation 9/19/2018
188. Oddity Read Book Mind 9/19/2018
189. Oddity Blindness Has Me 9/19/2018
190. Oddity Holiday Spirit Of Halloween 9/19/2018
191. War Syria Prayer 9/19/2018
192. Oddity Self Hate 9/19/2018
193. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Kristen Stewart 9/19/2018
194. Autograph Muse Acrostic Name Julianne Moore 9/19/2018
195. Autograph Muse Abc Name Atalanta Harmsworth 9/20/2018
196. Autograph Muse Abc Name Jeanine Anderson 9/20/2018
197. Autograph Muse Abc Name Manuel Machata 9/20/2018
198. Autograph Muse Abc Name Boston Bruin 9/20/2018
199. Autograph Muse Abc Name Angela Oberer 9/20/2018
200. Autograph Muse Abc Name Sabine Urban 9/20/2018

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Best Poem of Clinton Siegle

War Iraq War

Iraq the dogs of war are howling at you for money
You need to ask Russia and China to come rescue you for money
Reality is shame when a senator wants to murder you for money
Iraq say Saddam killed 2 million - USA 186,000 over a period of peace
A tenth of the money

War is a weird way of organized destruction for money
All for peace or destruction for money
Reality is sad this way of destruction for money

Read the full of War Iraq War

War Syria Civil War

Syria no more war
You are being watched
Reality is but a moment in time
I hope for you Syria end your war
Almighty please end this civil war

Civil is not internal
I realize that watching the news
Very evil is evil

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