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Kathy Tucker 22 September 2020

Does anybody know if C S Lewis wrote a poem, which started " Cat, nine days old, knit out of soot" ?

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Reul Lewis 15 September 2020

find the poems of c.s. very sincere lewis, well written. I hope there are reflections of them in mine: https: //gabrielk-poetamarginal.blogspot/

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Katrina 03 March 2020

whats the mood of the poem.

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Colin Cedar Bell 15 April 2015

I have read most anything by C.S. Lewis and highly respect him. I also write poems and consider him kind of my mentor (not only for poems) . Of course I never met him, but in his writings and recordings. The poem 'The Future of Forestry' impressed me and inspired me to write a little short story and a poem as kind of a sequel to it. You can find it at https: //colincedarbell.wordpress, com/poetry/the-future-of-forestry

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KE 22 February 2021

so do i

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Jack Nelly 20 April 2009

Hey I'm a big fan of C.S. Lewis and agree with his views. I'm reading 'Mere Christianity' now and i just have this problem with the Law of Nature. Remember, i think he's a genius and hence i think he's right; so I'd love someone to blow this query out of the water. I think he states that this 'standard' is ingrained in all (or most) of us, that we cannot get rid of it. This standard we all have he says must have been given to us by some other mind or being which is God. The problem i have is this: Could we not find or create this standard ourselves by simply putting ourselves in others shoes and treating others how we would like to be treated? Cheers Jack

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Lori Smith 13 June 2005

After reading some of his books, I have come to love Lewis. He has been catapulted to the top of my favorite authors list. I can't wait to meet Lewis on the other side.

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