Clyde Bryson

Rookie - 266 Points [Lost River] (December 19,1951 / Burley Idaho)

Clyde Bryson Quotes

  • ''Love is the only thing that is completely free.''
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  • ''Funerals are the only place we can say good-by so that we can meet again''
    Our next life
  • ''That..... what ever it is in the past, is what you've done.
    and that... is what today.... makes you what you are''
  • ''The little choices that we make today.....wing open the gates wide for our tomorrow's......''
    The choice of good or evil
  • ''True love flows from that well that never runs dry''
    True Love
  • ''Knowing who I am, helps me to make decisions easier.....''
    who you are
  • ''Holding onto the secrets of abuse, is like holding onto a tree branch, over the edge of a ravine, and then refusing to listen or trust the rescuers....''
    The common core of abuse victims, is keeping the abuse secret, forever a secret
  • ''The worst thing in life is not death, quitting before you even try is worse....''
  • ''Victims of abuse never seem to understand, that denial, is what they use, to aid fear in keeping themselves trapped in that world that they were raised in.''
    Denial and fear
  • ''Abuse is something that victims cannot seem to avoid
    It is the source of
    Defeats, lost lives, and limitations
    It will always be that way until we embrace the truth
    It will always be the way until we embrace love
    And It will always be that way until we use them to help us.''

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Best Poem of Clyde Bryson

Breaking Unbreakable Bars

Yes it's true I choose
To dream an impossible dream
To fight an unbeatable foe
To go back to that valley of sorrow
Where all brave fear and dare not to go

To change,
An unchangable wrong
For Love that burns as a star
To fight when I'm so tired so weary
To break unbreakable bars

For this is my plan to follow that love
No matter how hopeless no matter how hard
To fight for the right things without question or pause
To fight that evil
For love there is no greater cause

Also because I know that
For love to be true
One must ...

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A Child In Man's Clothes

I wonder if people understand the snow
With its ability to recall all we know
To remember like motion pictures shows
Its great power to wash away grieve and pain
When so often others seem to make them remain

So on the night of that falling gentle white
I stopped to reflect, to remember and watch
I was able to recall the wonders of my children, our snow ball fights

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